Tuam babies’ investigation likened to Nazi war crimes trials

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Tuam babies’ investigation is today being likened to the Nazi war crimes trials.

Junior Minister John Halligan has this afternoon released a statement, in which he says old age should not diminish accountability in the Tuam mother and baby home scandal.

He’s calling on Gardai to question any surviving Bon Secours nuns who ever worked at the home, to establish whether a criminal investigation is warranted.

Minister Halligan says the Tuam discovery is ‘potentially the tip of an iceberg.’

He says as was the case with the Nazi war crimes trials, if an individual has been an accessory to a crime then they should be held accountable, regardless of how many years have passed

The child mortality rate at a similar home in Bessborough in 1943 was approaching 70% – which Minister Halligan says is similar to some concentration camps.

The strongly-worded statement comes as protesters prepare to demonstrate outside the Bon Secours Hospital in the city this evening.

The white ribbon protest is being organised by People Before Profit Galway.

The group claims that the institutional structure which involved the Bons Secours order, state agencies and the Catholic Church are to blame.

PBP Galway is outlining a number of demands including the creation of a memorial to the victims, and that the Bons Secours group re-consider the existence of their order.

The white ribbon protest gets underway outside the Bon Secours Hospital, Renmore at 5.30 this evening.