Study finds 95% of employees favour remote working

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Galway Bay fm newsroom – A survey led by NUIG and the Western Development Commission has found 95% of workers are in favour of working remotely on an on-going basis.

The second survey gathered responses from over 6,400 employees examining their experience of remote working one year after lockdown.

The survey found among those who could work remotely, 95% were in favour of working remotely on an ongoing basis.

53% said they would like to work remotely several times a week, while 32% said they would like to work fully remotely, and 10% stating the preference as several times a month.

The number of respondents working fully remotely fell from 87% in April 2020 to 75% at the end of April 2021 as there was more of a mix of onsite and remote in the latest survey.

The survey found that 24% of respondents said they would consider relocating based on their experience of remote working since Covid-19.

A further 9% said they had already moved with the west, the south-west and the border region recorded as the top relocation areas.

The study found that 45% of team managers believed they did not get the training required to manage their team remotely, while 36% indicated they received basic training.