Student rents at NUI Galway to rise by 4 percent

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Rents for student accommodation at NUI Galway will rise by the maximum legal limit of 4 percent this September.

The most expensive accommodation will be a double en-suite room at Goldcrest village – which will set students back over €7,300.

Rent caps were introduced on student accommodation last August to ensure predictability in the sector – in the same manner as the caps introduced in designated rent pressure zones.

According to the Irish Independent, student accommodation at NUI Galway, DCU and UCD are all set to rise this year by the maximum allowed rate of 4 percent.

At NUI Galway, the most expensive option is a double en-suite room at Goldcrest Village, which will set students back €7,317 for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Meanwhile, the cheapest option will be a twin bedroom at Corrib Village, which will cost €4,124.

NUI Galway attributes the rise to increased operating costs and the requirement for significant investment in the upgrade of the 30 year old Corrib Village, which has 764 beds.

The most expensive option nationwide is in brand new accommodation at University College Dublin – where an ensuite bedroom will cost almost €10,200.