2 April 2024

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Some CCTV risks identified despite overall highly positive inspection of UHG Mental Health Unit

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Some CCTV risks identified despite overall highly positive inspection of UHG Mental Health Unit

The Adult Acute Mental Health Unit at UHG has been found to have a high-risk rate of non-compliance regarding CCTV use.

The Mental Health Commission’s 2023 report also found the unit had a moderate non-compliance rating in relation to certain staffing.

But overall, the inspection of the 50-bed unit reported a 94 percent compliancy rate last year – an 8 percent increase on the year before.

The unit at UHG provides for acute adult mental health care, psychiatry of later life, and mental health care for people with intellectual disabilities.

One the day of inspection, it was regarded as compliant in most areas, including infrastructure, the care and safety of residents, cleanliness and food standards.

Concerns were raised in relation to the numbers of occupational therapy staff, resulting in a moderate non-compliancy rate for staffing.

While the unit was found to be largely compliant with respect for residents’ privacy, dignity and autonomy, there were some concerns over the use of CCTV.

The inspection found that monitors, which displayed images of resident wards, could be accessed by external security staff members.

The unit has since committed to restricting access to the CCTV, ensuring monitors are only viewed by health professionals responsible for the health and welfare of the resident.

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