Saolta chief warns the cyber attack is still impacting services at Galway’s public hospitals


Galway Bay fm newsroom – The CEO of the Saolta Hospital Group has warned that patient services continue to feel the impact of the cyber attack at UHG and Merlin Park Hospitals

Tony Canavan says there is still limited outpatient and elective activity, and long delays in the Emergency Department at UHG, where there were long queues all this week

The shut down of the computer systems has resulted in the widespread cancellation of outpatient appointments, elective procedures and endoscopy appointments.

Most of the IT systems are not communicating with each other and are not sharing information, which has a direct impact on the ability to deliver patient care and in the time it takes

Mr Canavan says while some progress has been made, and some services have been restored, there is a long way to go, and they are asking the public to bear with them – to hear more, tune in to Galway Bay fm news on the hour