Report finds Galway recorded second largest market share for mortgages outside of Dublin

Galway Bay FM newsroom- Galway represented 4.8% of the mortgage market share in the last year.

A mortgage report published today by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland finds outside Dublin and the commuter belt, Galway had the second largest market for mortgages at 4.8%, behind Cork with 11.7% of all mortgages.

Dublin leads the way with 31.3% of home purchase mortgages in the 12 months ending June 2021.

The analysis finds Cork and Galway had median repayments between €800 and €900.

It also revealed the number of first-time home buyers under the age of 30 has more than halved in the last 16 years.

CEO of the BPFI, Brian Hayes, says lending rules are a factor in the rising age of first-time buyers.