Report finds City Council’s Traveller accommodation targets don’t match demand


Galway Bay fm newsroom – A report has found that Galway City Council’s Traveller accommodation targets don’t match the demand for accommodation from members of the Traveller community.

An assessment of local authority Traveller Accommodation Programmes, by the Irish Traveller Movement, has revealed that Galway City Council is one of 8 local authorities that have set targets below the need identified in their 5 year programmes.

According to the report, Galway City Council will not meet their own targets, with 265 Traveller families in need but a supply target set at just 242.

The study predicts a growth need during this programme of 100 units but a deficit of 23 units will be provided over the term.

Galway city, Galway county and Mayo are among local authorities with the largest Traveller populations.

Over the previous 5 year plan, 194 Traveller accommodation units were built in the city while 262 were developed in the county.

The report found that nationally, 30 percent of Traveller families are in need of accommodation, while the rate in Connaught is 27 percent.