Quarter million euro for Eyre Square from city budget

Galway Bay FM newsroom- A sum of €250,000 has been set aside by Galway City Council for a range of work in Eyre Square in the coming year.

There was a general welcome for the funding at this week’s Budget meeting and hopes were expressed that the Eyre Square would become a focal point again for the City centre.

Eyre Square has an iconic status in Galway city over the decades but more recent night time anti-social behaviour has tainted its image.

However, Galway City Council has made a statement in money terms this week in its effort to bring back the traditional atmosphere and ambience of the Square.

A quarter million euro is to be spent through various works in the Square.

City Council CEO, Brendan McGrath, told the meeting that security, in itself, is not a matter for the City Council but that certain works could be performed to help with the installation of security cameras and other equipment.

The said that the City Council has a good working relationship with the Gardaí who have primary responsibility for public order.

Councillor Alan Cheevers said that extra security measure were badly needed in Eyre Square and he stated that legislation going through the Dáil and Seanad should bring the use of CCTV evidence back strongly into the picture in legal terms.