8 June 2024

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2024 Galway City and County Local Elections – Live Blog

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2024 Galway City and County Local Elections – Live Blog

1.40am – That’s it! Day one of the Local Elections done and dusted! Thanks for reading! See Ya Tomorrow!

1.35am – TUAM COUNT THREE – RESULT (Distribution of Pete Roche’s Surplus).

Valid Poll – 15,356

Quota – 1,920

FF          Hoade, Mary + 36 – 1,834

FF          Killilea, Donagh Mark + 91 – 1,522

FG          Turner, Ollie + 160 – 1,508

II            Cunniffe, Shaun + 40 – 1,496

FF           Sheridan, Joe + 35 – 1,171

IND        McHugh Farag, Karey + 74 – 1,163

AON      Silke, Luke + 55 – 639

FF          Quirke, Tom + 96 – 531

SF          De Lundres Ó Dálaigh, Stiofán + 9 – 483

GP         Kadejo, Islammiyah + 10 – 290

SF           Reynolds, Deborah + 14 – 244

LAB       Oguekwe, Blessing + 5 – 224

NP         Culligan, Ross + 3 – 153

IP           Gaughan, Dannan Liam + 4 – 124

IND        Lynch, Colin + 1 – 99

No one has reached the Quota – Colin Lynch has been Eliminated.


1.23am – One more count for tonight – Tuam Count Three


Valid Poll – 13,742

Quota – 1,718

FG          Collins, David – 1,586 + 97 – 1,683

IND        Charity, James – 1,565 + 23 – 1,588

FG          Feeney, Peter – 1,213 + 125 – 1,338

FG          Gallagher, Eoghan – 1,018 + 60 – 1,078

SF          O’Hara, Louis – 1,005 + 68 – 1,073

FF           Keane, Cillian – 937 + 68 – 1,005

FF           Herterich-Quinn, Shelly – 792 + 164 – 956

GP         Madden, Eoin – 454 + 21 – 475

LAB       Landy, Fergal – 409 + 6 – 415

II             Hehir, Sean – 301 + 36 – 337

IP            Carr, Maria – 226 + 7 = 233


1.12am – UPDATE – Once counting is finished for tonight it will be back to action tomorrow morning at 9am for the County Council Elections and 10am for the City Council Elections.

1.02am – A very busy day and counting continues at The Tennis Club. Two counts left before we call it a night. Athenry/Oranmore Second Count and a Third Count in Tuam.

1am – Albert Dolan Speaking to David after his election. 

12.42am – THE STORY SO FAR (Long Read)

Independent Mike Cubbard and Eddie Hoare of Fine Gael have been elected to Galway City Council in the City Central Ward.

Both candidates polled above the Quota of 1,087. Cubbard got 1,486 votes while Hoare, current Mayor of Galway City was elected with 1,282 votes.

Following the announcement of the ninth count for Galway City East where no candidate exceeded the Quota, counting has now been suspended in Westside until 9.30am tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Counting countinues in the County Council Elections in The Tennis Club in Threadneedle Road.

Following the distribution of Andrew Reddington’s surplus, a Second Count in Tuam has not produced a third seat and will now move onto a third count where the surplus of Pete Roche will now be distributed.

However, it is not expected to produce a result tonight.

Andrew Reddington and Pete Roche were elected in the first count.

Both candidates were well clear of the Quota of 1,920 with Reddington receiving 2,784 votes and Roche receiving 2,553

Albert Dolan of Fianna Fail and Independent Thomas Grealish have been elected to the Athenry/Oranmore Local Electoral Area following the first count in the last ten minutes.

Both candidates exceeded the Quota of 1,718 with Dolan getting 2, 393 votes and Grealish with 1,843.

Earlier. Gort/Kinvara filled all five of their seats through Gerry Finnerty (Fianna Fail), PJ Murphy (Fine Gael), Martina Kinane (Fianna Fail), Geraldine Donohue (IND) and Paul Killilea (Fine Gael).

Connemara North was the first Local Electoral Area in the country to fill all their seats through Thomas Welby (IND), Seamus Walsh (FF), Eileen Mannion(FG) and Gerry King (FF).

12.37am – We are hearing that the plan is to keep counting until 2am with a third Tuam Count and a second count in Athenry/Oranmore.

12.25am – Counting continuing at the Tennis Club

12.18am – GALWAY CITY EAST COUNT NINE RESULT – Aisling Keogh has been eliminated – Counting Now Suspended until 9.30am


Valid Poll – 15,356

Quota – 1,920

FF          Hoade, Mary – 1,326 + 472 – 1,798

II            Cunniffe, Shaun – 1,438 + 18 – 1,456

FF          Killilea, Donagh Mark – 1,379 + 52 – 1,431

FG          Turner, Ollie – 1,210 + 138 – 1,348

FF           Sheridan, Joe – 1,153 + 18 – 1,171

IND        McHugh Farag, Karey – 1,042 + 47 – 1,089

AON      Silke, Luke – 553 + 31 – 584

SF           De Lundres Ó Dálaigh, Stiofán – 458 + 16 – 474

FF          Quirke, Tom – 427 + 8 – 435

GP         Kadejo, Islammiyah – 257 + 23 – 280

SF           Reynolds, Deborah – 208 + 22 – 230

LAB       Oguekwe, Blessing – 206 + 13 – 219

NP         Culligan, Ross – 149 + 1 – 150

IP           Gaughan, Dannan Liam – 118 + 2 – 120

IND        Lynch, Colin – 95 + 3 – 98

No one has reached the Quota – Colin Lynch has been Eliminated. Pete Roche’s Surplus of 633 votes will now be distributed. 


12.06am – City Council Returning Officer Gary McMahon has announced that there will be one more count (Galway City East Count Nine) and counting will be suspended until 9.30am tomorrow morning. 





Valid Poll – 13,742

Quota – 1,718

IP            Carr, Maria – 226

IND        Charity, James – 1,565

FG          Collins, David – 1,586

FF           Dolan, Albert – 2,393

FG          Feeney, Peter – 1,213

FG          Gallagher, Eoghan – 1,018

IND        Grealish, Tomas – 1,843

II             Hehir, Sean – 301

FF           Herterich-Quinn, Shelly – 792

FF           Keane, Cillian – 937

LAB       Landy, Fergal – 409

GP         Madden, Eoin – 454

SF          O’Hara, Louis – 1,005



11.47pm – The Galway City East Count Eight…

11.43pm – However, We are hearing that they will review the situation in The Tennis Club and there are rumours that it could continue until 2am. 

11.32pm – CITY EAST COUNT EIGHT – No Candidate has reached the Quota and they will go for the Ninth Count. Also, They are going to bring the first count in Galway City Central and will suspend counting at midnight. 

11.28pm – Things could get very interesting very quickly. Galway City Central First Count, Athenry/Oranmore First Count and Tuam Second Count could all happen within minutes of each other. Same regarding Ballinasloe. I wouldn’t go to bed just yet if were you and you live in those areas.

11.24pm – Galway City East Count Seven been and Gone – The Latest after the distribution of Conor Burke’s Votes.
Jacinta Gibbons has been eliminated. Her 225 votes are next to be shared out.



10.44pm – Bit of a lull at the moment. Galway City Central has started counting and all of the remaining Wards in the County Council Election are doing likewise.

10.30pm – Galway City East Count Six been and gone – Still no result – Conor Burke has been eliminated so his votes will now be distributed.

9.55pm – Pete Roche also speaking to David after his election.


9.54pm – Andrew Reddington speaking to David after his election.


9.52pm – Galway City East holds it’s fifth count….Votes are well spread but still no candidate has reached the Quota. In Saying that, Alan Cheevers and Declan McDonnell are going well.


Valid Poll – 15,356

Quota – 1,920

NP         Culligan, Ross – 149

II            Cunniffe, Shaun – 1,438

SF           De Lundres Ó Dálaigh, Stiofán – 458

IP           Gaughan, Dannan Liam – 118

FF          Hoade, Mary – 1,326

GP         Kadejo, Islammiyah – 257

FF          Killilea, Donagh Mark – 1,379

IND        Lynch, Colin – 95

IND        McHugh Farag, Karey – 1,042

LAB       Oguekwe, Blessing – 206

FF          Quirke, Tom – 427

FG          Reddington, Andrew – 2,784

SF           Reynolds, Deborah – 208

FG          Roche, Pete – 2,553

FF           Sheridan, Joe – 1,153

AON      Silke, Luke – 553

FG          Turner, Ollie – 1,210



9.34pm – Hearing that an amazing 3,600 of you are reading the blog – That is great to hear. Stick around and also check out our social media channels. We are only warming up!

9.24pm – Couple of questions regarding the Ballinasloe, Loughrea, Tuam, Athenry/Oranmore and Connemara South elections – Nothing to tell you apart that counting is underway but tallies looking good for Andrew Reddington and Pete Roche in Tuam, Shane Curley and Declan Kelly in Loughrea, Evelyn Parsons and Declan Geraghty in Ballinasloe, Noel Thomas and Pádraig Mac an Iomaire in Connemara South and Albert Dolan and Thomas Grealish in Athenry/Oranmore.

9.20pm – Four interested observers listening to the 4th count in Westside- Senator Sean Kyne, Cllr Declan McDonnell, former Cllr Pádraig Conneely and former councillor John Walsh


9.15pm – Galway City East has had it’s fourth count but no white smoke regarding an elected councillor.

Conor Burke who benefited the most with 44 votes but no major change in the poll. Susan Feeney has been eliminated.


9pm – 12 Hours in….How’s your day going?



Valid Poll – 9,942

Quota – 1,658

FF          Finnerty, Gerry + 129 = 1,585

GP         Flynn Dixon, Megan + 196 = 1,057



8.44pm – David and Frank have left Leisureland – From here is down to the two count centres at The Tennis Club and Westside.


8.36pm – GALWAY EAST THIRD COUNT – The Distribution of David Lynch’s Votes has taken place but no real difference as to who will be elected. Denman Rooke has been eliminated so his votes (91) will now be distributed.

Alan Cheevers and Declan McDonnell currently poll toppers but still short of the Quota.

8.33pm – TUAM UPDATE – A first count on the Tuam Electoral Area expected shortly. Indications are that Andrew Reddington and Pete Roche will be elected in the First Count which might be very good news for running mate Ollie Turner.

8.32pm – This was taken earlier – The sorting for Athenry/Oranmore

8.27pm – The Galway East Second Count took place a while earlier but the remaining candidates got an average of 2 votes each so it’s on to Count Three.

The Official Result of Count Two


8.23pm – Ballinasloe Tally is looking good for all outgoing Councillors with a massive gap between the top six and the two at the bottom.

The Candidates for Ballinasloe are…

SF          Connolly, Dermot

FF          Connolly, Michael

II            Geraghty, Declan

FG          Harney, Alan

FG          Keaveney, Peter

SF           Maher, Regan

PBPS      Mannion, Andrew

IND        Parsons, Evelyn

7.53pm – An update on who was eliminated in Galway City East in the First Count. Arkadiusz Wozniak and Conor Dowd were eliminated and their 68 votes are being distributed – Unlikely to see a result in Count Two.



Valid Poll – 9,942

Quota – 1,658

Distribution of Alan Sweeney’s 322 votes. However, 224 were non – transferable

FF          Finnerty, Gerry + 41 = 1,456

GP         Flynn Dixon, Megan + 9 = 790

SF         Kelly, Lucina + 48 = 538

Lucina Kelly is Eliminated – Her 607 votes will now be distributed and it is down to a straight shootout between Flynn Dixon and Finnerty for the fifth and final seat. 


7.40pm – Sorting underway for Athenry/Oranmore

7.34pm – By the way, never gave you the result of Gort/Kinvara’s Third Count. No one reached the Quota but Gerry Finnerty got 114 votes to bring him to 1,415 which is short by just 243 votes.


Valid Poll – 8.001

Quota – 1,144

SF           Burke, Aisling – 624

PBPS    Burke, Conor – 129

FF           Cheevers, Alan – 1,031

AON      Corcoráin, Cormac Ó – 154

FF           Crowe, Michael John – 736

SD          Delaney Heaslip, Justine – 303

IND        Dowd, Conor – 58

IFP         Feeney, Susan – 113

FG          Forde, Shane – 665

IP            Gibbons, Jacinta – 127

FG          Keogh, Aisling – 332

II             Larkin, Noel – 413

IND        Lynch, David – 70

GP         Mathias, Joyce – 287

IND        McDonnell, Declan – 1,009

IND        O’Flaherty, Terry – 916

LAB       Ogbu, Helen – 585

PBPS    Rooke, Denman – 87

IND        Tully, Michael – 352

IND        Wozniak, Arkadiusz – 10

No One has reached the Quota – On to the Second Count. 


6.51pm – Am open to correction here but with Connemara North filling all four seats, they are the first electoral area in the country to do so.

6.45pm – Votes for the Athenry/Oranmore Electoral Area have arrived at the Tennis Club

6.32pm – Counting now underway for Tuam Electoral Area


6.24pm – Galway City East First Count inside next Half and Hour

6.21pm – And Finally for now, Connemara South…

IND        Breathnach, Críostóir

FF           Cualáin, Dáithí Ó

IND        Curran, Michael

IND        Curraoín Ó, Tomas

II             Leainde, Michael

FF           Lee, Máirtín

FG          Mac an Iomaire, Pádraig

GP         McKinstry, Alastair

IFP         McMahon, Doran

IND        O’Brien, Sinead

IND        Ó Flatharta, PJ

SF           O’Hara, Kevin

FF           Ó Tuairisg, Daragh

IND        Slevin, Geri

II             Thomas, Noel

IP            Walsh, Aidan


6.19pm – 17 Candidates/7 seats – The list of Tuam Candidates…

NP         Culligan, Ross

II             Cunniffe, Shaun

SF           De Lundres Ó Dálaigh, Stiofán

IP            Gaughan, Dannan Liam

FF           Hoade, Mary

GP         Kadejo, Islammiyah

FF           Killilea, Donagh Mark

IND        Lynch, Colin

IND        McHugh Farag, Karey

LAB       Oguekwe, Blessing

FF           Quirke, Tom

FG          Reddington, Andrew

SF           Reynolds, Deborah

FG          Roche, Pete

FF           Sheridan, Joe

AON      Silke, Luke

FG          Turner, Ollie


6.19pm – As the boxes are being opened in Loughrea, here are the Candidates…

FF           Canning, Ivan

FF           Curley, Shane

II             Kelly, Declan

FF           Larkin, Mark

FG          Maher, Michael (Moegie)

FG          McClearn, Jimmy

IP            McGettigan, John Anthony

SF           O’Reilly, Ailish

GP         Tooher Madden, Michelle

6.16pm – Boxes now being opened for Connemara South, Loughrea and Ballinasloe.



Total Poll – 8.051

Quota – 1,591

IND  Conaire, Mánus Ó + 144 = 1,117

FF    King, Gerry + 167 = 1,663

FG    Mannion, Eileen + 112 = 1,684




Distribution of PJ Murphy’s Surplus

Total Poll – 10,043

Quota – 1,658

FF          Finnerty, Gerry – 1,225 + 76 = 1,301

GP         Flynn Dixon, Megan – 762 + 19 = 781

SF          Kelly, Lucina – 523 + 14 = 538

FG         Killilea, Paul – 1,538 + 179 = 1, 717 = Elected

IP           Sweeney, Alan – 296 + 7 = 303



5.46 pm – A Quick Reminder of who is running in Athenry/Oranmore

IP            Carr, Maria

IND        Charity, James

FG          Collins, David

FF           Dolan, Albert

FG          Feeney, Peter

FG          Gallagher, Eoghan

IND        Grealish, Tomas

II             Hehir, Sean

FF           Herterich-Quinn, Shelly

FF           Keane, Cillian

LAB       Landy, Fergal

GP         Madden, Eoin

SF           O’Hara, Louis


5.44pm – Sorting underway for Tuam Election

5.42pm – Counting underway in all three Galway City LEA’s


5.39pm – Seamus Walsh celebrates following his election.

5.25pm – Connemara North Third Count – Gerry King and Eileen Mannion are now on 1,496 and 1, 572. Not enough to exceed the Quota so Críostóir Breathnach and Tom Healy are eliminated and their votes are distributed.



Total Poll – 8.051

Quota – 1,591

IND  Breathnach, Críostóir + 4 =

IND  Conaire, Mánus Ó + 15 = 920

GP   Gleeson, Daniel + 7 = 255

SF    Healy, Tom + 9 = 600

FF    King, Gerry + 21 = 1456

FG    Mannion, Eileen + 38 = 1463

II       Walsh, Seamus + 73 = 1598 – Elected

IND  Welby, Thomas – 1,758 – Elected



4.35pm – Total surplus from the three elected in Gort/Kinvara is 624

4.30pm – Three elected in the Gort/Kinvara LEA. Just two seats to be filled there.



Total Poll – 10,043

Quota – 1,658

IND        Donohue, Geraldine – 1,671 – Elected

FF           Finnerty, Gerry – 1,225

GP         Flynn Dixon, Megan – 762

SF           Kelly, Lucina – 523

FG          Killilea, Paul – 1,538

FF           Kinane Martina – 1,884 – Elected

FG          Murphy, P.J – 1,953 – Elected

IP            Sweeney, Alan – 296



3.53pm – Thomas Welby is not only the first Galway Councillor to be elected, he is the first to be elected in the COUNTRY!

3.46pm – MISSING DIAMOND UPDATE – We are now being told that the wrong box was opened and that it was from a GORT Box!

3.43pm – Tuam LEA Election getting VERY Interesting. Outstanding tallies for Andrew Reddington and Pete Roche and it could go down to the wire for Joe Sheridan and Ollie Turner.

3.33pm – There will be a surplus of 167 votes to be distributed from Councillor Welby


3.32pm – Thomas Welby speaking to Sarah Slevin following his election to Galway County Council.


Total Poll – 8.051

Quota – 1,591

IND  Breathnach, Críostóir  – 67

IND  Conaire, Mánus Ó – 905

GP   Gleeson, Daniel – 248

SF    Healy, Tom – 591

FF    King, Gerry – 1,435

FG    Mannion, Eileen – 1,425

II       Walsh, Seamus – 1,525

IND  Welby, Thomas – 1,758 – Elected



2.56pm – Counting in the Galway City Central LEA will begin in the next few minutes

2.43 pm – Now being told FIFTEEN minutes to Connemara North Count

2.38pm – Now being told it will be another 45 minutes before a First Count in Connemara North




Connemara North – Count expected shortly

Gort/Kinvara – First Count at 4pm (Approximately)

Tuam – 30 of 47 boxes open

Athenry/Oranmore – boxes opened and tallies expected shortly

Loughrea, Ballinasloe and Connemara South still to open boxes


Galway City East – All boxes open, tallied and on their way to Count Centre in Westside

Galway City Central – 50% of boxes open

Galway City West – 20% of boxes open 


2.30pm – Things speeding up! Latest tally from Galway City West showing Donal Lyons on verge of being crowned King of Knocknacarra! Also good shows at this point for Clodagh Higgins and Niall McNelis.

2.27pm – First Count result expected for Gort/Kinvara around 4pm.

2.26pm – Tuam Update…30 of 47 boxes open and Pete Roche, Donagh Killilea and Shaun Cunniffe lead the way.


2.22pm – The Candidates for Connemara North looking over the votes…This is very important ahead of the count.


1.50pm – We now understand that a COUNT is expected for Connemara North Shortly…Next half an hour or so.

1.47pm – For those wondering….Still no sign of the Diamond that went missing in one of the Ballindereen boxes (as far as we know).

1.34pm – A busy afternoon ahead. Tuam now at 30% of boxes open with former Councillor Shaun Cunniffe looking good along with Donagh Killilea. 47 boxes in total will be opened for this Local Electoral Area. 17 candidates going for 7 seats here.


It’s a team effort bringing you the local elections….


1.26pm – The View of the count floor in Leisureland


1pm – Word from City East is that sitting councillor Mike Crowe could be in trouble on tally results but transfers are always crucial and we still have not had our first count.

12.55pm – Connemara North and Gort/Kinvara boxes now at the Tennis Club. Westside Count Centre now open.

12.46pm – City East boxes all now open and soon will be on it’s way to the count in Westside.

12.19pm – City Central tallies looking good for Mike Cubbard, Frank Fahy and new candidate John McDonagh of Labour.

12.15pm – Returning Officer Marian Chambers Higgins called a cease to the counting in the last twenty minutes saying that inaccuracies were creeping in and asked counters to take more care to avoid problems later on.

12 Noon – Boxes heading to the Tennis Club for the Connemara North Count and to Westside for the City East Count.

11.39am – LOST DIAMOND UPDATE! Apparently, the Diamond missing was in one of the boxes from Ballindereen.  Returning Officer Marian Chambers Higgins made the announcement and said that counters would tip the box onto the floor “to see if we can retrieve the diamond”.

The Search goes on…

11.20am – Boxes now being opened in European Elections. Very early tallies suggesting good performances from Luke “Ming” Flanagan, Ciaran Mullooly and Lisa Chambers.

11.17am – Tuam boxes opening shortly. Also, some poor voter lost the diamond in their ring while voting yesterday so the search is also on for that!

11am – Interesting figures coming from the Connemara North Tallies. 25 boxes open and all four outgoing councillors doing very well. In Gort/Kinvara, Martina Kinane is tallying very strong and in the city, Shane Forde and Helen Ogbu are polling well in City East. Still, a long way to go.

10.30am – Interesting tallies coming from both city and county. Early days yet in the city but with half the boxes opened in Connemara North, Independent Thomas Welby is showing very well.


10.15am – Counting underway, Tallymen and Women watching everything very carefully.


10am – The opening of boxes for the 2024 Local and European elections has begun in the last hour in Leisureland.

Once opened, the votes will then be transferred to the Count Centres in Westside for the City Council and to the Galway Lawn Tennis Club in Threadneedle Road for the County Council.

In total, 79 candidates are running for the 39 County Council seats in 7 Local Electoral Areas while in Galway City, 52 candidates are running to fill the 18 seats on offer in three local Electoral areas.

The average turnout for Galway city and county was just under 50% with the best turnout in Moycullen at 61%.

Spiddal was next at 54% followed by Kinvara at 53%, Athenry and Salthill at 52%. Tuam 50%, Knocknacarra 48%, Bushypark 48%, Ballybane 47% Oranmore 47%, Gort 47%, Clifden 46%, Claregalway 46%, Loughrea 45%, Westside 45%, Ballinasloe 45% and Renmore 43%.

The result of the first count is not expected until later this afternoon.

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