NUIG research project secures 7 million euro in EU funding

Galway Bay fm newsroom – An NUI Galway research project into greenhouse gas emissions has secured 7 million euro in EU funding.

FlowPhotoChem, a multinational research project spearheaded by NUIG has been awarded the funding under EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

As part of the project, FlowPhotoChem will develop technologies using concentrated solar energy and advanced catalysts to convert water and CO2 into valuable chemicals.

The FlowPhotoChem integrated system will utilise CO2 as a carbon source to produce chemicals without the use of fossil fuels, reducing Europe’s greenhouse-gas emissions and contributing to a cleaner planet.

The project brings together research teams from Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Uganda and the UK.

These teams will develop better materials, innovative reactors and advanced computer models to build a proof-of-concept, integrated modular system to convert CO2 into ethylene – a valuable industrial chemical, using concentrated sunlight.

Dr Pau Farràs from the School of Chemistry at NUIG says the research aims to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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