NUI Galway coordinates first in man clinical trial of pioneering approach heart bypass surgery

Professor Patrick W Serruys and Professor Yoshi Onuma

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A high-level research team from NUI Galway is coordinating the first in man trial of a pioneering approach to bypass surgery.

The study will see surgeons plan and carry out coronary artery bypass grafting, based solely on non-invasive CT images of the patient’s coronary arteries.

The location and severity of blockages are assessed using CT scans after dye is put in a vein of the arm, without the need for invasive catheterisation.

The trial is being lead by the University’s CORRIB Research Centre for Advanced Imaging and Core Lab.

Researchers say the results of the trial have the potential to simplify the treatment for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting.

The study is being conducted across Europe on 114 patients who have severe blockages in multiple vessels which are limiting blood flow to the heart muscle.

Chairperson of the trial and NUIG Professor Patrick Serruys says the results could lead to a dramatic change in health care.