Move to LED public lighting will cost the city 4 million euro

Galway Bay fm newsroom:

Galway city council will be spending over €4m in the coming few years on the replacement of traditional type bulbs to L.E.D in the public lighting system.

City officials say the new system would produce savings in the long run and be more environmentally friendly.

There are over 9,000 individual lights powered by the funds of Galway City Council in the City of the Tribes.

But the bright City Lights come at a cost in financial and environmental terms and both those costs are to be reduced in the longer term through what is known as L.E.D. or LED lighting.

The change costs money as well; installing the LED system will cost over €4.1m. which will be a substantial bill for the City Council in the coming years.

LED lighting is generally estimated to use only about 10% of the amount of power that the traditional bulbs would use in a similar type setting. That greatly reduces the amount of energy that is needed to produce light.

And whereas the bulbs that have been traditionally used would last a few thousand hours, the LED system bulbs can light up the City for ten times longer.