LISTEN: Skehana Heritage Group Wins at National Heritage Awards

The winning project at the National Heritage Awards.

Skehana Heritage group has won the Galway award at the National Heritage Awards held in Dublin.

The winning project was based on an eBook and postcard done by Emma Laffey and Marian Hardiman and focused on “Daoine agus Ait” or people and places and was facilitated by Lorna Elms at the Museum of County Life in Castlebar Co Mayo.

95 projects in total were entered for the Galway award that was presented on Wednesday last and this was the first time that Skehana Heritage Group had won the honour.

Emma Laffey is a member of Skehana Heritage Group since 2017. She did the eBook “Down Memory Lane” and gave more detail about the winning project to John Mulligan.