Latest meeting of local authority hears debate over money spent on ring road planning application

Galway Bay FM Newsroom – The amount of money spent on the preparation of the Galway City Ring Road planning application and the role of Galway County Council’s Audit Committee led to spirited debate at the latest meeting of the local authority.

Councillor Albert Dolan challenged the Council Audit Committe in relation to oversight on a number of fronts including expenditure on the planning application for the Outer City Ring road which had gone some millions over the projected cost.

Councillor, James Charity, a member of the Audit Committee strongly defended their work and told Councillor Dolan that matters raised by him had been discussed in the Council Chamber previously. He asked if Councillor Dolan was asleep.

Councillor Liam Carroll of Fine Gael said there was a robust debate about the Ring Road expenditure previously. Money for the planning application came from Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Clr Carroll said he would not take any criticism from Clr Dolan.

In reply, Clrr Dolan accepted that Councillors Carroll and Charity has given good replies but that Councillor Charity was petty in his remarks about him being asleep.

In further comments, Cllr Donagh Killilea (Fianna Fáil) said that the City Council has been dealing with the Ring Road for a long time but that the County Council engineers actually got the planning job done.