12 April 2024

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High Court judge urges two Moycullen doctors to resolve their differences outside of court

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High Court judge urges two Moycullen doctors to resolve their differences outside of court

A senior High Court judge has urged two Moycullen based doctors to try to resolve differences, that have resulted in the dissolution of their medical partnership, outside of court.

The comments were made by Mr Justice Mark Sanfey, after he granted Dr Eva Flynn a temporary injunction against Dr Sean Mullin.

An order granted on an ex-parte basis restrains Dr Sean Mullin from preventing Dr. Eva Flynn from accessing or attending Moycullen Health Centre, or providing treatment to her patients there.

Dr. Flynn claims that she has brought the action over fears that Dr Mullin is wrongfully attempting to push her out of the partnership and appropriate the business for himself.

She claims that differences arose between the two, including over finances and workloads, and she was subject to several verbal attacks in front of their staff and patients.

It’s further claimed that Dr. Mullin informed her that he would dissolve the partnership unless “she changed her ways”, and he wanted her “to act as his employee” rather than an equal partner.

Dr. Flynn alleges that a letter from Dr. Mullin last month said he intended to revert to being a sole trader and had formally invited staff at the premises to join his medical practice.

The judge said while serious claims have been made, he was very conscious that he had only heard one side of the story, and the defendant’s side would no doubt have a lot to say.

It was, he said, a shame that a dispute like this between “what are presumably two well-respected doctors” should come before the court.

He said it was a case which was “crying out” for a mediation – and the case was adjourned until next Tuesday.

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