GMIT secures planning approval for new STEM building

Galway Bay fm newsroom – GMIT has secured planning approval to proceed with a new STEM building at its Dublin Road campus.

The building will incorporate the schools of science and computing and the school of engineering and will be over 5000 square metres in size.

The building will be located to the east of the campus near the Ballybane Road and will comprise three storeys with a recessed fourth floor and plant zone.

It’s to be attached to the existing building at ground floor and by two link bridges at first floor level.

Internally the building will contain lecture theatres, seminar rooms, laboratories, academic and social spaces.

The project will provide hard paved landscape, new landscaped zone to the east of the site and a new pedestrian entrance to the building from the existing visitors car park.

City planners have attached 13 conditions.

One states a five metre strip of land on the entire GMIT site located to the west of the existing footpath edge along the Ballybane Road be reserved to facilitate cycle lanes and bus infrastructure.