Galway TD calls for meeting with N.P.H.E.T and Health Minister over continued closure of rural pubs

Galway Bay fm newsroom:

A local TD has called for a meeting between the National Public Health Emergency Team, the Minister for Health and a group of Independent TDs over the continued closure of rural pubs.

Roscommon Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice says the government need to put immediate supports in place for rural pubs facing a further 3 weeks of closed doors following yesterday’s decision to postpone Phase 4 of the country’s reopening.

Across Galway 280 pubs remain shut as only pubs that serve food are currently allowed to operate.

The Independent TD has warned the cost of paying bills, rent and preparing premises for social distancing while not generating revenue, will mean many pubs who closed their doors in March, will not open them again.

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