Galway Rural Development confirms full €6m LEADER budget has been committed

Galway Rural Development has confirmed that it’s full LEADER budget of €6m has been committed to projects across the county.

GRD has issued a statement following what it calls ‘fears’ that the funding would not be distributed by the target date of this month.

In a statement, GRD says it commenced its administration and distribution of LEADER grants almost two years after most other counties.

This, it says, led to fears that the grant allocation of €6m would not be fully distributed by the target date of December.

However, GRD says far from being the case, it has not only allocated the entire budget to over 100 community groups and enterprises – but is now seeking additional support for new projects.

It says it has numerous worthy projects in the pipeline and it’s critically important that the Government matches their words with a real committment of funds for East Galway.

LEADER funding supports locally-led development in rural areas, with the aim of revitalising local communities and ensuring sustainable growth.