15 August 2023

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Galway public share views regarding visible tattoos on Gardaí

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Galway public share views regarding visible tattoos on Gardaí

Galway Bay fm newsroom – People in Galway have been sharing their views in relation to visible tattoos on members of An Garda Síochana.

It’s after reports this week that a trainee Garda was sent home from Templemore Garda College and told to get his hand tattoo removed.

The dress code information booklet for Gardaí says tattoos are not allowed on the face, and all others must be covered at all times.

A poll of 80 people, carried out on Instagram by our news team, found 71% believe Gardaí should be allowed have visible tattoos, 21% believe they probably shouldn’t be visible and 8% said it depends.

Meanwhile, our reporter Leah Hogarty asked people around Galway city if they think Gardaí should be allowed have tattoos on show:

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