Galway local authorities turned down 40 social homes offered by NAMA

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Galway’s local authorities have turned down 40 properties offered by NAMA as social housing – over concerns about unsustainable communities.

According to the Sunday Business Post, 35 percent of properties offered by the state body nationwide since it was established in 2012 have been rejected.

Since 2012, the National Asset Management Agency has offered 7,050 homes to local authorities nationwide to be used as social housing.

Of those, 2,435 were turned down for various reasons – including 40 units in Galway, where concerns over unsustainable communities were cited as the reason for rejection.

Sustainable communities are generally seen as those with an appropriately integrated mix of private and social housing.

Other reasons for rejection nationwide include local authorities finding no demand for social housing in certain areas in which NAMA was offering units.

Since 2012, over 8 thousand people have been housed in NAMA provided social housing – with €350m spent to date on the repair and purchasing of homes.