4 April 2023

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Galway Garda chief says “substantial” boost in Garda numbers tackling illegal drugs

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Galway Garda chief says “substantial” boost in Garda numbers tackling illegal drugs

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Garda Chief Superintendent Gerry Roche says the number of Gardaí now dealing directly with the problem of illegal drugs in Galway is being substantially boosted.

But he told the County Joint Policing Committee that the prevalence of the problem goes away beyond the role of the Gardaí in dealing with the situation.

Chief Superintendent Roche said the use of illegal drugs is now a huge problem in County Galway and this situation could not be penned on any particular place or social section of the community.

Illegal drug use is now widespread at all levels of society, the Chief Superintendent said, and he further advised that people had personal choices to make in staying away from drugs.

The Chief Superintendent advised the Committee that two Sergeants and 20 Gardaí were now being assigned to the drugs problem throughout the County area.

Councillor Liam Carroll said that this is good news but they could only get to the tip of the iceberg.

He said it seemed that some people were now taking cocaine so they could drink more alcohol – a lethal cocktail that led to anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Mary Hoade said that illegal drugs are now embedded in all rural and urban communities.

While drug use is a personal choice, Councillor Hoade said, early education on the matter is beneficial.

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