Galway County Council issues apology following report on Tuam mother and baby home

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Cathaoirleach of Galway County Council, on behalf of the Members, the Chief Executive and staff, has offered a sincere and humble apology for the failings of the local authority in the operation of the Tuam mother and baby home.

The local authority has issued a formal statement at its plenary meeting in Corrandulla, including an apology by the Chief Executive Kevin Kelly and Cathaoirleach of the County Councillor James Charity.

The statement from Cathaoirleach James Charity says the council is deeply sorry that it did not do enough to ensure appropriate care, compassion and protection to the mothers and babies who passed through the threshold of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home, and to those children who were born and died there.

It adds that it further deeply regrets that Galway County Council did not ensure there were enough safe-guards and measures in place to guarantee and ensure that children boarded out from the Home were better cared for, protected and cherished.

The statement continues that ‘to the shame and sorrow of all of us, this Council did not ensure that those who died in the Tuam Mother and Baby Home were afforded the dignity of an appropriate place of rest, which was the very least that they deserved’.

It adds ‘we are profoundly sorry, that as a local authority, this Council did not have the foresight or courage to at all times to ensure the welfare of those entrusted to its care was paramount, and to be kinder, more compassionate, and more charitable’.

The statement concludes that ‘to all those with a personal connection to the Tuam Mother and Baby Home, in particular, the frightened mothers and innocent children, to their families and to the people of county, Ireland and beyond, this Local Authority is humbly sorry’.