8 February 2024

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Former University of Galway student to share harrowing story in stalking documentary

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Former University of Galway student to share harrowing story in stalking documentary

A former University of Galway student will share her horrifying ordeal of being stalked in a special TV documentary next week.

It aims to shed light on the devastating impact of stalking, and the psychological and emotional toll on the victims.

While attending University of Galway as a first year student in 2019, Eve McDowell was relentlessly stalked by a fellow student, Igor Lewandowski, from Monastereven, Co. Kildare.

He became obsessed after they were briefly introduced by friends, and started visiting her workplace and following her.

Although Eve intially questioned if she was imagining it, his behaviour got worse as he followed her all day and occasionally into night, often hiding.

She went to Gardaí and was shocked to discover there was no stalking-specific laws that could be acted on.

Igor’s obsession with her reached a climax when he broke into her apartment, and assaulted her roommate with a hammer, before jumping off her balcony.

He was later arrested and handed a seven year jail sentence.

Following her harrowing experience, Eve campaigned for stalking-specific laws, which were finally introduced in November of last year.

She’ll share her story in the one-off documentary Stalked, which will air on Virgin Media One on Monday at 9pm.

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