Environmental Protection Agency condemns fake poison warnings placed in city

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Environmental Protection Agency has condemned the use of its name and logo on fake poison warnings which were erected in the city.

The signs were placed in the Long Walk area – and alleged that poison had been laid in the area to specifically stop dogs interfering with local wildlife.

However, the City Council has confirmed that an investigation showed no poison was placed at any point.

They alleged Xylitol – a substance that is specifically toxic to dogs but generally harmless to people – had been laid in the area to protect endangered species from dogs.

In a statement to Galway Bay FM, a local management company stressed it had no hand, act or part in erecting these signs – which were swiftly removed by the City Council, which is now conducting an investigation.

The Environmental Protection Agency has also issued a statement this afternoon, saying it in no way endorses the actions set out in the posters, nor has it given permission for the use of its logo.

It adds it’s been in contact with Galway City Council, who advised the matter is being investigated as a matter of urgency.

City Councillor Niall McNeilis says a definite line of inquiry is being followed on finding those responsible.