31 October 2023

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Criticism over lack of traffic management plans for Macnas Parade

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Criticism over lack of traffic management plans for Macnas Parade

There’s a call for clarity on what exact traffic management plans were in place for Sunday’s Macnas Parade.

Councillor Alan Curran says there were no official road closures – and so, packed streets remained fully open to heavy traffic until just minutes before the parade arrived.

The iconic parade – with draws tens of thousands of spectators – began at University Road, travelling along Eglinton Street, Shop Street, Dominic Street and Fr. Griffin Road.

Councillor Curran also says cars were also parked illegally all across the city, and questions why more effort wasn’t made to organise shuttle services.

He argues local talented artists are putting on world-class spectacle, and everyone should be able to enjoy them safely – and improved plans are needed for any future parades.

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