County JPC to devise educational campaign for young men following death of Ashling Murphy

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A county councillor says the Joint Policing Committee will be working with the county council and Gardaí to create an awareness campaign in light of the recent tragic death of Ashling Murphy.

Councillor Shelley Herterich Quinn, who sits on the educational awareness sub-committee, told a meeting of the plenary council that the education awareness programme is to be adopted for young men.

She said it will focus on proper behaviours so that they don’t escalate into the tragic behaviours witnessed this month in Offaly.

The 39 councillors marked the tragic death of the 23 year old schoolteacher, and other recent deaths in the Galway area by observing a five minute adjournment.

Councillor Herterich Quinn says there has to be a culture change.