4 April 2023

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County Galway JPC hears concerns over nature of Garda recruitment campaign

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County Galway JPC hears concerns over nature of Garda recruitment campaign

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Concerns have been expressed at a meeting of the County Galway Policing Committee about the nature of the current recruitment campaign

Councillor Mary Hoade said that the present recruitment drive appeared to have a negative slant to it, and she felt that could discourage people from joining the Gardaí.

Being rushed away from your cup of tea at 4 in the morning to something like a domestic dispute or apprehending a violent person on the streets are images used in the present Garda recruitment campaign.

It is flagged as a worthwhile job but one that has significant challenges.

Too much so said Councillor Mary Hoade at yesterday’s County Policing Committee meeting in Galway.

Councillor Hoade said that every job has changed over the years but that a more positive picture of the work of the Gardaí is needed.

Chief Superintendent Gerry Roche said he had enjoyed his 38 years of service even though there can be difficult moments. He believed that service in the Gardaí was a worthwhile career and urged young women and men to go for it.

Community services Garda, Michael Walsh, said his own 30 years of service have been rewarding and said that being involved in helping the community is a laudable role for any young person.

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