Controversy over invalidation of planning applications in Galway Co Council

The high number of planning application that are being deemed to be invalid is a serious problem according to Galway County Councillors who spoke about this issue at their meeting this week.

Applications are generally invalidated because they are adjudged by the planning section of the Council to be incomplete or not providing sufficient information.

A total of 20% of planning applications for dwellings were deemed to be invalid over a relatively short period according to Councillor Joe Beirne, who raised the issue.

62 applications were invalidated over a 42 days according to Councillor Beirne and he said this was a matter of concern irrespective of where the issues arose.

Councillor Beirne said that a huge number of applications for one-off houses were being lodged and this appeared to arise due to fears that it would be increasingly difficult to get permission in the future.

In a hard hitting statement, Councillor Thomas Welby, said it appeared that people were advised by planning agents to get applications in before the new County Plan came into force.

He said that some applications from some agents were off a “pathetic standard” even though people were paying up for the work.

“Some of these applications should never have gone near the planning office”, Councillor Welby said.

Planning issues are due to be debated again soon.