City Councillor calls for Post Office network to be given PSO contract


Galway Bay fm newsroom – A City Councillor is calling for the Post Office network to be given a Public Service Obligation contract to ensure the entire network can remain viable.

PSO’s provide subsidies to ensure services that are in the interest of the public can remain in operation, even if they are not profitable.

Councillor Niall McNeilis says many industries in Ireland already receive PSO contracts – such as agriculture, aviation, rail, bus, housing and energy.

He argues the Post Office network provides essential services in communities across the country and helped support local economies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Councillor McNeilis is seeking the support of his colleagues to send a motion to Minister Eamon Ryan to operate the network with a PSO.

Labour Councillor McNeilis says the Post Office network could play a vital role in communities post Covid-19.

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