Campaigners welcome report concerning DNA sampling at Tuam mother and baby home

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A report which states it would be lawfully possible to collect DNA samples from survivors and relatives of the Mother and Baby Home in Tuam is a positive step forward.

That’s according to Tuam campaigner Catherine Corless who says the report gives hope to survivors and relatives who have long called for action on the issue.

Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone has this afternoon published the 97 page report from Dr Geoffrey Shannon’s investigation.

Dr Shannon considers that it should be possible to develop a voluntary administrative scheme to collect biological samples from relatives before the enactment of legislation.

The administrative scheme would then be subsumed into the legislation once ready.

The Minister commissioned the report last February, shortly after calls for the state to begin collecting DNA samples immediately in light of the age and declining health of many survivors.

It also states that it’s not yet clear whether or not it will be possible to generate DNA profiles from the juvenile human remains that are of sufficient quality to yield familial matches.

More at 4 as Catherine Corless says the report is a positive step forward for survivors and relatives who are waiting for answers….