Asthma Society warns hayfever sufferers in Galway of high pollen levels this weekend

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Asthma Society of Ireland has issued a warning to people in Galway who suffer from both asthma and hayfever, that there are high levels of pollen predicted for this weekend.

Hayfever symptoms can escalate asthma attacks, which in some cases can be fatal.

Over 15,000 people in Galway have both asthma and hayfever – and they’re being advised to take precautions this weekend.

The organisation has issued helpful advice including to keep bedroom windows shut at night, to stay indoors as much as possible when pollen levels are high, to avoid grassy areas, and to apply vaseline around the nostrils to prevent the inhalation of pollen.

CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland, Sarah O’Connor says pollen levels can be tracked online at

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