14 June 2024

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All MEP seats filled in Midlands North West after 21 counts

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All MEP seats filled in Midlands North West after 21 counts

The final Irish seats for the European Parliament have been filled, with the conclusion of the count in the Midlands-North-West constituency in the early hours of this morning.

Five candidates were elected following a five-day marathon count, which concluded at 3.30 am in the TF Royal in Castlebar.

The election of Independent Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan on the 20th count last night was followed by that of Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen, just after 1.30am.

Fine Gael’s Nina Carberry and Maria Walsh, along with Independent Ireland’s Ciaran Mullooly were subsequently all deemed elected in the early hours.

Midlands-North-West, Count 21:

Flanagan’s (IND) election on Count 19 sees surplus of 5,429 votes transferred.

Walsh* (FG): 100,781 [+327] Elected

Carberry (FG): 98,872 [+754] Elected

Mullooly (INDIRL): 88,177 [+1,488] Elected

Gildernew (SF): 82,723 [+1,074] Walsh* (FG),

Carberry (FG), and Mullooly (INDIRL) elected without reaching the quota.

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