9 June 2023

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A third of all Mental Health Unit overcapacity instances last year were in UHG

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A third of all Mental Health Unit overcapacity instances last year were in UHG

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Almost a third of the 33 instances of overapacity in Mental Health Units last year occurred at University Hospital Galway.

Nationally, the Mental Health Commission’s report found there was a major dip in overcapacity on the year previous, when there were 64 instances reported.

UHG was found to have a 87 percent compliance rate, while the CAMHS In-patient Unit at Merlin Park was given a 94% compliance rate.

Around one third of mental health centres were found to be non compliant with regulations.

Mental Health Commission Chief Executive John Farrelly says although there’s been improvement, the HSE must do more:

2,000 people are living in large mental health institutions, and the report found some residents are sharing rooms, toilets and dining facilities.

The Mental Health Commission is warning the HSE it’ll take action and de-register public mental health centres if compliance with regulations is not improved.

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