280 abortions carried out in Galway in first year of new termination legislation

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A new report has revealed that 280 women provided a Galway address when accessing abortion services last year.

Figures released by the Department of Health show that 6,666 terminations were carried out in Ireland in the first full year since the new legislation around abortion was introduced.

According to the report, at 280 terminations Galway registered the fourth highest number of abortions last year.

Dublin accounted for the highest number of abortions at 2,493, followed by Cork at 606 and Kildare at 295.

Under reasons given for the terminations, 6542 were registered as “early pregnancy” medical abortions, 100 as a “condition likely to lead to the death of the foetus,” 21 as a “risk to life or health,” while three were performed because of a “risk to life or health in an emergency.”

On May 25th 2018, the Referendum on the Thirty-Six Amendment of the Constitution was held and passed by 66.4 percent.

The amendment to the act permits terminations to be carried out where there is risk to the life, or serious harm to the health of the pregnant woman, including in an emergency; where there is condition present which is likely to lead to the death of the foetus either before or within 28 days of birth and without restrictions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.