🎧 Call for City Council to reconsider Kirwan Junction “disaster”

Galway Bay fm newsroom – Galway City Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland are being urged to re-think the “disaster” that is the new Kirwan Junction.

That’s according to Councillor James Charity, who says the new layout is leading to unprecedented tailbacks.

He says he’s been innundated with calls from motorists who are caught in kilometres long tailbacks approaching the junction to access the N84.

Councillor Charity argues the design of the new junction severely limits access to the N84 and the current delays cannot be entirely explained by light sequencing or teething issues.

He also points out that some local roads in the Killoughter area are now under pressure as they’re being used as “rat runs” to avoid the junction

Councillor Charity believes the junction is not fit for purpose and needs urgent re-assessment: