Monday, July 15, 2019

The Arts Show with Vinnie Brown

Galway Culture Sunday Oct 14th 2018 – Vinny Browne – Interview with Sylvie Simmons This week on Galway Culture Vinny Browne speaks to Trish Forde of Baroró and has a chat with Sylvie Simmons Biographer of the...

Journalist of the Year Olaf Tyaransen Speaks To The Arts Show

Journalist of the Year at the recent Magazine Awards Olaf Tyaransen joined Vinny Browne on The Arts Show to talk about Ian Bailey,...

Arts Show June 29th

Vinny Browne looks at the Arts Scene in Galway and this week previews some of the events from the forthcoming Arts Festival.

Arts Show – June 15th

Vinnie Browne and his guests looks at everything that is going on in the Arts in Galway as we get ever closer to...

Arts Show Wednesday 27th April

This week's Arts Show featured the Galway Theatre Festival's General Manager Mairead Ni Cronin about the festival and to Roisin Stack about Tall...

‘The Gigli Concert’ in An Taibhdhearc

This coming Sunday night at 8pm (April 10th) Dunmore Amateur Drama Society will perform Tom Murphy's The Gigli Concert in An Taibhdhearc. D.A.D.S are in...

Death Notices for Galway




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